Product Designer in Greater New York area


HowAboutWe launched You&Me, a messaging app for couples, in 2014. As the lead product designer, I was responsible for the user experience and visual design of the mobile experience. The launch of You&Me was covered by FastCo Design.


Setup & Onboarding

The You&Me setup flow set the tone for the joint experience. Users created an account and invited their significant other before learning more about the app.



You&Me included a number of media-rich features like Halfsies. To create a Halfsie, one partner sent the first half of a photo to their significant other. The significant other completed the Halfsie on their end and sent it back.


Photo Booth

Couples could also snap a Photo Booth strip, taking four images of themselves within seconds of each other. All images, including Photo Booth strips, could be complemented with filters, stickers or text.



For more delicate material, couples shared Secrets. Private images or video were obscured by "steam", until wiped away. It would fog up again after just a few seconds.