Product Designer in Greater New York area

HowAboutWe for Couples

HowAboutWe launched HowAboutWe for Couples in August 2012 to help couples stay in love with hand-picked, local date experiences (think Groupon for dates). As a member of the product design team, I assisted on a number of initiatives to increase membership subscriptions and date purchases.


Home Page

As we added product services to HowAboutWe for Couples beyond dates, like Rewards and Concierge, it no longer made sense to drop users on the Dates page. So we designed a Home page that helped users to discover and peruse all of the product’s services and offerings. 



HowAboutWe for Couples was a perfect gift for special occasions and wedding season. Through the gifting flow, users could purchase a HowAboutWe for Couples membership or an individual date.


Date Card

Date experiences were presented to users in the form of a card that summarized the experience and cost. We updated the card to better highlight the discounted membership price and promotions. The redesign led to an increase in date purchases.