Product Designer in Greater New York area


Canary is a smart home security system that you control from your phone. As a lead product designer, I work on cross-functional and collaborative teams to deliver a first class user experience. I am involved across the entire product lifecycle, from conception to launch, turning complex technical concepts into simple, easy-to-use features for our users.


User Research

Last year, I led a user research study focused on concepts of home, family, routine, safety and connection. The results were used as prompts in a company-wide workshop and to construct the 2018 product roadmap.


Setup & Onboarding

We have iterated on the Canary setup experience to enable Bluetooth enabled activation, support the launch of two new hardware devices and include a subscription flow. The updates and improvements led to a decrease in setup failures, positive reviews of the setup experience and drove Membership attachment to 40%.


Two-Way Talk

One of users' most requested features was to two-way talk. I designed an experience that worked like a home intercom and utilized animation, sound and visual cues to communicate what was happening to users on both ends. Read launch announcement


Activity Masking

Canary alerts users when motion activity is detected at home. When users complained of false alarms due to pets or shadows, I designed a masking experience that allowed users to identify area that Canary could ignore. Read launch announcement


Google Assistant Integration

Our most enthusiastic users dream of living in a fully integrated, or “smart”, home. In 2017, Canary integrated with the Google Assistant platform to allow our users to interact with their Canary system conversationally. As the design lead on the project, I conceptualized and wrote the entire experience. Read launch announcement